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Digital Wind Farm Services & Solutions

Wind power is receiving widespread attention as an energy source with no fuel consumption, no pollution, and unlimited reserves. By the end of 2019, the installed capacity of wind power worldwide had reached nearly 1000 billion watts. 

As global warming intensifies, energy conservation and development of green energy has become a global trend. The development of new energy has brought about environmental protection, reducing the air pollution caused by coal combustion. With the construction of a large number of wind farms, the video security system of the wind field, and the remote monitoring system of wind power generation units were also put into use. The wind power monitoring system is responsible for the management of the operating data, state, protection device, fault type, etc. All kinds of information data is transmitted to the monitoring center through the Ethernet, and the host can communicate the control commands to the fan controller, and realize the remote monitoring function. The wind field disturbance is serious, the environment is bad, need to manage the wide temperature industrial Ethernet switch to support the network and it can provide a stable, long time communication in the harsh outdoor environment.

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