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Media over Fiber

The move in recent years to more television channels and higher definition resolution like 4K and 8K has increased the use of fiber in a range of applications from television studios, sports stadiums, houses of worship, industrial, and security applications. This is because fiber is more flexible, cost-effective, and future-proof than traditional copper cable. Also, fiber allows for expanding bandwidth and fast adjustment to new workflows.

Multiple types of video formats can be used with fiber optic technology. This includes 4K(UHD), 3G/HD/SD, DVI and RGBHV video formats as well as DVB-ASI, ATSC, NTSC, SECAM, and PAL. Add to that audio, return video, IFB video, intercom, sync/genlock, timecode, tally and all sorts of data, including remote pan/tilt/zoom control that must run between cameras and the monitoring station where video crews do camera set-up.

Fiber can dramatically reduce costs, and allows the multiplexing of many signals through a single flexible, lightweight cable.

UTP Fiber technology has also brought a rapid level of change that enhances the need for fiber. Ever-changing bandwidth expandability allows users to react faster to that change without having to rebuild their infrastructure.

Artel offers a full range of reliable, cost-effective, and simple-to-deploy media transport solutions for broadcast, government, higher education, houses of worship, telecommunications, sports applications and more.

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