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Holiday Notice for Chinese 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day
Back2021-9-10 17:14:45
Dear Customer,
Thanks for visit our website (www.utpfiber.com).

Kindly note that we will have a long holiday for the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday in the coming days.
Pls find the holiday arrangement details as below:
1. Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday from Sept 19th to Sept 21st 2021. (3days)
2. Chinese National Day Holiday from Oct 1st to Oct 7th 2021. (7days)
We can't make shipment for your orders during holiday.
Please check your stock and current demands, and kindly inform us in advance. We will try to ship out before holiday.
Thanks for your time. :)

1. Know more about Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, please visit website:


2. Know more about Chinese National Day holiday, please visit website:


Best Regards,

UTP Fiber Technology Sales Team

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