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Q: What is "Power over Ethernet (PoE)"?

A: Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the ability to deliver 48VDC of power over the same copper cable as Ethernet. Two primary elements are required in order to implement power over Ethernet (PoE). They are:
(1) Power sourcing equipment (PSE) - the LAN switch or power source delivered over Ethernet
(2) The powered device (PD) - the end device that accepts and uses power from the Ethernet cable for operating

Q: What is the media converter?
A: The most common type of media converter is a device that functions as a transceiver; converting the electrical signal used in a copper Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) network into light waves used in fiber optic cabling.
Media converters are typically protocol specific and are available to support a wide variety of network types and data rates. They are available as a physical layer or Layer 2 switching devices. Media converters with Layer 2 switching capability provide rate-switching and other advanced features.

Q: What is redundant power input?
A: Some UTP Fiber' Ethernet switches and fiber media converters support redundant power systems that provide users with uninterrupted network services in the event of an internal power supply failure. It automatically senses when a connected device has experienced an internal power supply failure and immediately begins to take over powering to the device, providing continuous monitoring without device reboot.

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