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Overseas sales

Job responsibilities:

1. Familiar with B2B platform and Internet, responsible for marketing optimization of B2B foreign trade online store, and put forward relevant optimization plans;

2. Familiar with the operation of alibaba export link and capable of expanding foreign customers;

3. Good at independently developing new markets and receiving orders from new customers through platforms, networks and exhibitions;

4. Answered customers' pre-sales and after-sales consultation, dealt with customer complaints, found problems in product sales in time and corrected them;

5. Handled customer orders, tracked the logistics of goods sold, provided timely feedback to customers, and provided good customer service;

6. Collect and analyze market conditions and competitors' conditions, and make promotion and sales plans.


1. Cet-4 or above, major in international trade/business English, familiar with e-commerce, good communication skills;

2. More than half a year's working experience in alibaba export /B2B platform sales, familiar with transportation, payment, objection handling and other procedures and rules of the platform;

3. Familiar with the marketing rules of e-commerce platform and various marketing tools of foreign trade platform;

4. Willing to work in foreign trade and e-commerce, cheerful personality, strong sense of teamwork;

5. Self-motivated, serious and responsible, able to work with the company for long-term development; 

6. Candidates with sales experience in optical fiber communication or security transmission products will be preferred;

7. Rich salary, high basic salary and commission, annual salary of more than 100,000 yuan.

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